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Grandma had a way of doing things, that was plain her, and yet the world to us! The love, the pampering, the innocence, that wink-in-the eye and the taste of her hands! Tummy Pops is an ode to all Grandmas.

Made from authentic recipes Tummy Pops will take you on the trail of your childhood. Tune into the nostalgic flavaurs of Tummy Pops, and with each pop, spread happiness that is as sweet as your Grandma!

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I loved all the flavours all were unique...the packing was fantastic.


Tummy Pops doing a great job. value for money.

Dr. Arun Sharma

This Diwali I got this gift pack for the first time and it was really tastier and healthier... i couldnt stop my self to share my openion on that......... The gift box comes with delightful pack of mouth freshner and digestive candies with rich quality... It has different type of mouth freshner and all of them have perfect taste...

Shweta sadhwani

A very tasty & healthy product .A very useful gift article

Herminder Singh Gadihok