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This is a Vegetarian Product

  • Tummy Pops are authentically prepared from Grandma's recipes sourced from Rajasthan. They are 100% pure and handmade with NO PRESERVATIVES, COLOUR OR ADDITIVIES. Tummy Pops are made from naturally available spices and herbs and sun-dried for months for exquisite taste. With our range of yummy tummies, you will always have Happy tummies. Best, when chosen over chocolates!

    Key Points

    1. Khatta meetha combo pack of Gulkand- 75 gm Jar + 250 gm Refill Pack.

    2. Get the sweet sour real taste of Anar (Pomegranate). This has been made by mixing right amount of herbs and spices- No Preservatives, No Colors, No Additives, 100%    Hand Made, 100% Sun-Dried, Mouth-watering Flavor & Aroma, Authentic Indian Taste, Premium packaging - perfect for gifting.

    3. Note: Close the lid & pouch as soon as you take out the content as they are prone to get sticky when exposed to moisture. We have not added any additives to prevent this from happening. Sticky or not, you would definitely not have just once!

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