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When the finest khajoor is mixed with handpicked Indian spices, this delicious khajoor gets produced with a sour twist. A lot of people already love this, maybe you can taste this and join the family too.

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👀 Range: Classic

🌿 Ingredients: Dates, Rock Salt, Salt, Sugar, Additional Spices.

👐 Hygienically Prepared & Packed: All of our products are prepared and packed in a clean and sterile environment so that you can be confident in hygiene and freshness.

👌 Benefits: The benefits of our churan golis include aiding in digestion, improving stomach health, and promoting better nutrition absorption from foods.

⭐ Special Features: We only use the best quality ingredients and our packaging is food-grade, reusable, and resealable so it’s easy to carry and store.

📦 Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry and airtight container away from sunlight and heat for the best taste and optimum freshness. Please note that when exposed to moisture or sunlight, the contents are prone to get sticky (as the ingredients like sugar melt, not harmful though).

😋 Try Our Delicious Chatpata Khajoor Today 😋

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